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  • [normal] Open V-neck pink shirt Reviews

    Ji Yoon Kim | 2016-04-21 | Hits 1389
    • 170 56 normal 55-size entrance yo, Photos Report yeori yeori I like to see bought the photos and will think it's a different feeling a little more stiff than the material also view and foresight Once the neck is much Pines anything inside the dress itself up peongpeojim and stiff It brings back of my eyes I can see it. So look at loggerheads underwear clothes ... but barely seems to not obscure what's hot for wear beneath the neck deeper ... I'm not falling moderately fit into this line is cut like a model transition beongbeong I was stiff. As it works and also the termination of the boron open beongbeong behind. I think it would be better if there is a little long pants should be pretty short shorts or a pencil skirt as I like to laugh model cut too stiff to put in your pants to wear colors ㅠ yirang design ahswiwoyo's pretty good too much material is stiff. Namgyeoyo I did not have a review to buy distressed end of a lot of reviews I want to help others who happens ~

  • comments 0Hits 2688
    [normal] The Daily Item
    2016-04-25 [Jung Yoon Yoo]
  • comments 0Hits 2533
    [normal] luxury
    2016-04-25 [Yeon Wu Seo]
  • comments 0Hits 2772
    [normal] It goes so well dressed -
    2016-04-22 [Eun Kyung Choi]
  • comments 0Hits 2628
    [normal] Must items
    2016-04-22 [Hye Jung An]
  • comments 0Hits 2616
    [normal] That's the perfect look for work in the company.
    2016-04-22 [Jin Kim]
  • comments 0Hits 1398
    [normal] So pretty and perfect finish
    2016-04-21 [Hyo Young Lee]
  • comments 0Hits 1389
    [normal] Open V-neck pink shirt Reviews
    2016-04-21 [Ji Yoon Kim]
  • comments 0Hits 1630
    [normal] Nice
    2016-04-21 [Kyung Hee Kim]
  • comments 0Hits 1400
    [normal] Very convinient -
    2016-04-20 [choi ]
  • comments 0Hits 1574
    [normal] Spring is coming -
    2016-04-20 [Kyung Sook Bin]
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