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Meet Korean fashion accessories like shawls, mufflers, socks, necklaces and more! The completion of Korean fashion begins with small details. Get ideas for Korean fashion accessories at ANAIS! Designed from a fabric rich in wool and with a touch of silk, the scarf presents a beautifully tactile and soft texture. It features an array of dark yet bright colours that complement each other and create a sophisticated grown-up look. Designed from a cotton-blend material, the scarf offers a snug and soft texture. Its dark colour palette looks refined and grown-up, while the metallic wide stripe and thin fringe give a modern relevance to the silhouette. The hat will protect you from the direct and hot sunlight in style. It has a slightly dented crown and a wide brim. The hat is complemented by a textured fabric styling with a contrasting embroidery. Thanks to its design, the hat can be safely put in a bag or suitcase for transport without altering its shape.
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